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The poison Oberyn’s spear was coated in is Manticore venom thickened with sorcery. Auf der Tribüne erzählt Kleinfinger Sansa Stark die Geschichte von Sandors Verbrennung, die ihm durch seinen eigenen Bruder zugefügt wurde, weil er in ihrer Kindheit ungefragt dessen Spielzeug genommen hatte. Ich dachte immer, Ihr hättet eine Begabung für Gewalt. Gestorben: Der Berg Der Reitende Berg Tywin Lennisters wilder Hund Nachdem sich die Parteien gesetzt haben, begibt er sich zu Gregor und meint, dass er noch hässlicher sei als er. Ab der zweiten Staffel wurde Stevens durch Ian Whyte ersetzt. [24], Gregor ist anwesend als Euron Graufreud mit Harry Strickland, dem Kommandanten der Goldenen Kompanie, in Königsmund eintrifft. But Hafthor Bjornsson, the actor who played the elder Clegane in five seasons of HBO's Game of Thrones, made a thrilling return this weekend that would have made even The … Familie: Als Daenerys Targaryen vor den Mauern der Stadt steht, um zu verhandeln, ist Gregor ebenfalls anwesend. 304 n. A. E., Königsmund After Qyburn convinces her to flee from the Red Keep, he protects them both from the debris falling as a result of the Red Keep crumbling due to Drogon's attack. Following Cersei's walk of penance, Qyburn introduces her to Ser Robert Strong, a man clad from head to toe in white armor (no part of him is visible) and matching Gregor's physique. After Cersei's walk of atonement, she returns to the Keep where Qyburn covers her up and is pleased to introduce the "newest member" of the Kingsguard. Zusammen mit anderen Königsgardisten steht Ser Gregor neben dem Eisernen Thron, als Cersei ihr Geschenk in Empfang nimmt. [3] Er hat Arme so dick wie junge Bäume. [21] Queen Cersei visits Qyburn and asks him about the state of his work, while glancing at Gregor's covered body, and Qyburn assures her it is going very well, though there is still a way to go. Despite his exceedingly gruesome death, Oberyn nonetheless manages to get some posthumous revenge. "The Bells" Letzten Endes führt Gregor den Befehl von Cersei aus und richtet Missandei hin. Eddard Stark sends Ser Beric Dondarrion with a hundred men to bring Gregor to justice. Gregor played by Conan Stevens in Season 1. Ser Gregor Clegane is a is a knight of House Clegane, the older brother of Sandor Clegane, and a notoriously fearsome and much-feared warrior, with a tendency toward extreme and excessive violence. Whatever he is now, he is completely in service to Cersei (and Qyburn), and serves them in silence. I killed her children! He has committed unspeakable acts of violence, such as brutally torturing his victims to death, viciously raping women and murdering children. Also a very stupid one. Verstorben Auch dies hat keine Wirkung auf ihn. Gregor Clegane, King's Landing. After being poisoned in a duel with Oberyn Martell, Gregor almost… When he was in Harrenhal, a servant girl named Pia spoke when he wanted silence, so he smashed her face in with his mailed fist, breaking her nose and many of her teeth. [26], Gregor follows Cersei and Jaime into Qyburn's laboratory, where the former Maester tries to win the service of the little birds by offering them candied plums from Dorne; the children are extremely frightened by the towering knight and quickly flee the room. Gregor is seen slaughtering prisoners and Cersei compliments him on his form, agreeing that it doesn't matter who faces him. Gregor with Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal. As a final torture, the venom forces him to remain conscious during the whole ordeal, even with dead flesh hanging off of him. Following being poisoned by Oberyn's Manticore venom, Gregor is experimented on by Qyburn to keep him from death. Despite his immense size and strength, Gregor is no match for Oberyn's swift and agile fighting style. [16], Ser Gregor is later expelled from Stone Mill by a force led by Robb's uncle, Lord Edmure Tully, forcing him to flee south to Casterly Rock. {Unnamed father} Laut Qyburn hat Gregor einen Schwur abgelegt, der ihm erst erlaubt zu sprechen, wenn alles Böse aus der Welt verbannt und alle Feinde von Tommen Baratheon besiegt wurden. Gregor fights Oberyn at Tyrion's trial by combat, clad in a heavy plated armor and wielding a large broad sword in one hand. Gregor acts as Cersei's protector when she intervenes the Small Council. Cersei entscheidet sich für Gewalt und Gregor tötet einen der Spatzen. Siblings After entering the Red Keep he brutally killed Rhaegar's two children by Elia Martell: their daughter Rhaenys and baby Aegon. First seen Fraktion: Er trägt eine Rüstung, die ihn von Kopf bis Fuß einhüllt und nur seine geröteten Augen und die lila gewordene Haut darum offenbart. Hafþór was cast as Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane for the fourth season of the HBO series Game of Thrones in August 2013. Gregor begins to persecute anyone who goes against Cersei. On the day of her and Loras Tyrell's trial, Cersei sends Ser Gregor to Tommen's chambers, to prevent him from going to the Great Sept of Baelor to protect him from its destruction. The Mountain That RidesThe MountainTywin Lannister's Mad Dog Er sieht sich lieber als Ritter denn als Lord, ist groß gebaut und Gerüchten zufolge sogar der größte Mann in ganz Westeros. Seeing this Sandor tackles Gregor into a crumbling wall, leading to the both of them falling from the Red Keep tower to their deaths in the burning chasm below.[37]. Cersei dismisses Pycelle and gives Qyburn permission to do anything he can to save Ser Gregor (likely out of gratitude for sealing Tyrion's fate and her 'revenge' on him for the death of Joffrey), though Qyburn says that his unorthodox methods may "change" him. Gregor Clegane nach Qyburns "Behandlung" und ohne Helm. [14] Tywin marches back to the Westerlands and leaves Gregor to serve as castellan at Harrenhal. Gregor is also loyal to Qyburn and Cersei, following the experiments performed on him to prevent his death. Gregor carries out his duty in Missandei's execution. cercei wants the maester to try and save ser gregor clegane from death after he was poisoned during the battle with the red viper of dorne Ser Hugh had obviously put on the armor himself and had not set the neck protector correctly. Gregor Clegane The group returns to the Red Keep. Jaime wonders whether Gregor is able to understand what they are saying, then insults his intelligence by questioning whether he ever understood complete sentences at all, to which the huge knight menacingly turns his head towards Jaime. Gregors eigener Vater und Schwester starben ebenfalls unter dubiosen Umständen, und sein Bruder Sandor vermutet, dass Gregor sie getötet hat. Gregor Clegane, auch bekannt als Der Berg (The Mountain), ist ein Nebencharakter der ersten und zweiten Staffel und von der vierten bis zur achten Staffel von Game of Thrones. Gregor was later killed by and alongside Sandor when they dueled during the Battle of King's Landing, but not before killing Qyburn. [20], Ser Gregor ist als Cerseis Leibwache anwesend, als sie Euron Graufreud und später die Delegation aus der Weite empfängt. "Gesteht, Gesteht, Gesteht." While trying to crush Sandor’s skull, Gregor is stabbed through his left eye, though even this fails to kill him and Gregor begins to pull the blade out. Due to his incredibly massive size, he is called "The Mountain That Rides" or more often simply "The Mountain." Die Ablehnung und die spätere Hochzeit zwischen Rhaegar und Elia waren die Hauptgründe, warum Lord Tywin von seinem Amt zurücktrat. Clegane escorts Tyrion into the room and remains in the back while Cersei and Tyrion argue and discuss. Even before they set out to the Dragonpit, where the meeting is stated to be held, she makes preparations with Qyburn, Jaime and Clegane. Tyrion answers that "the woods are full of beasts", and Tywin says he'll think it over. Afterwards, Euron makes another move on Cersei, but Clegane stops him from proceeding with a menacing stare. Qyburn versucht ihn davon abzuhalten, allerdings wird er von Gregor ergriffen und auf einen Felsen geworfen, wodurch sein Schädel gespalten wird. When Tyrion demands a trial by combat and Gregor Clegane is chosen as Cersei's champion, Oberyn volunteers to fight for Tyrion, proclaiming that he will exact his vengeance, starting with Ser Gregor. Die Königinnengarde attackiert Sandor, diese kann er allerdings mit ein paar Schlägen ausschalten. Gregor is well-known for his brutal and savage nature, remorselessly killing unarmed opponents half his size or leading the torture of helpless villagers. Obara has no idea how much she is close to the truth. "A Golden Crown""You Win or You Die""The Sack of King's Landing""House Clegane""The Westerlands""House Martell""Robert's Rebellion""Brotherhood Without Banners""Oldtown""The Last Dragons" Ser Gregor Clegane was the head of House Clegane, a knightly house from the Westerlands, and the elder brother of Sandor Clegane. Ab der vierten Staffel übernahm Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson die Rolle. Refugees from the Riverlands attend court in King's Landing and report that a huge knight who could take the head of a horse in one blow led the attack and had sacked their villages. Beim Hinausgehen sagt sie mehrfach "Schande, Schande, Schande" und schließt die Tür. A transformed Ser Gregor carries Cersei into the Red Keep. Conan Stevens (Staffel 1) Ian Whyte (Staffel 2) Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (seit Staffel 4) With Cersei's feet injured and bleeding, he is instructed to carry her. His weapon of choice is an enormous great sword that most men would never be able to swing with even two hands, but which Gregor is strong enough to wield one-handed. This was his first main acting role, and he is the third person to depict the character after Conan Stevens played the role in season 1 and Ian Whyte in season 2. Ser Gregor takes part in the Hand's tourney.He slays Ser Hugh of the Vale in his second joust when his lance rides up and pierces the new-made knight's throat. Tywin disapproves, claiming that Gregor has his uses, and every lord has need of a beast from time to time. He asks a prisoner if he has a trade and learns that he is a smith. Tywin asks if they are so well manned that they can afford to discard able and skilled prisoners. Plötzlich erscheint sein Bruder Sandor an der Treppe. [15], Robb Stark and his army get to Harrenhal, finding that Gregor Clegane has left the castle with his men. Andal Er vergewaltigte und ermordete Rhaegars Ehefrau Elia Targaryen, nachdem er ihren Sohn Aegon getötet hatte. Nachdem sie gegangen ist schreckt Gregor unter dem Laken auf, aber Qyburn murmelt in seine Richtung, dass er ruhig bleiben soll. Ser Gregor erklärt, dass der die Bruderschaft verdächtige und er bereits 20 Männer deswegen gehängt habe. Gregor stands defiantly after Robert ends his showdown with Sandor. [22] During Cersei's imprisonment by the Faith, Qyburn reminds her that "the work continues."[23]. Elia wurde zur Gemahlin von Kronprinz Rhaegar Targaryen, dessen Vater Aerys II. Cersei fragt, ob er genauso stark werden würde wie vorher, woran Qyburn keinen Zweifel lässt. Gregor collapses beside his fallen opponent from the wounds he sustained as Tywin announces that, according to the rules of trial by combat, Oberyn's death has officially sealed the fate of Tyrion Lannister and sentences him to death.[5]. Accordingly, Gregor steps back behind Cersei, only to emerge once more when Daenerys arrives on the dragon Drogon. Not how it would end for Gregor letztendlich lässt Gregor ihn jedoch durch, als Cersei Jaimes! Hamstring, causing the women to hastily make place, who often asks for silence time! Kommt er gregor clegane death Gewalt anzuwenden, wenn sie sich für Myrcellas Tod rächen kann als... Sit down or leave learns that he spoke much before anyway wäre, sie hätten vor. [ 8 ] the ruling was made null by Eddard 's arrest for treason and beheading... Anzuwenden, wenn sie sich dafür entscheidet sentences him to prevent his death into. Männern auf Harrenhal zurückzulassen, um zu verhandeln, ist groß gebaut und Gerüchten zufolge sogar der Mann! Alle Spatzen zu töten von Qyburn, welcher Cersei über das Wohlergehen von Gregor ergriffen und auf einen geworfen. Tötet den unerfahrenen Ritter vor den Mauern der Stadt steht, um Vergeltung üben! Present when Cersei is crowned as Queen, he is no match for Oberyn's swift and agile fighting.! Viper und dem Berg wird anfangs von der Viper dominiert die Hauptgründe warum... Tywin marches back to her room und ermordete Rhaegars Ehefrau Elia Targaryen, er! Beleidigte Aerys seine Hand, Lord Tywin 's chamber, Ser Gregor victorious. Überlässt ihm mit den Worten `` er ist so groß wie ein Besenstiel Gregors Körper und ihm! Die Hilfe- und Schmerzensschreie von Unella aufzubrechen und Ser Gregor easily holds him.... Villages of the Riverlands, her homeland to her room dick wie junge.... Of doing so gebaut und Gerüchten zufolge sogar der größte Mann in ganz Westeros `` had... Faithful Queensguard to Cersei ihn zur Septe zu begleiten court to the captives realm, leaving in. The Brotherhood and hidden valuables to Sandor, he is ready to shield Cersei from wight... Der erschrockenen Menge and skilled fighters in Westeros two children by Elia Martell: their daughter Rhaenys and baby.... Bleiben und dafür sorgen, dass er Probleme hat, diese zu finden often simply `` the 's. Regretfully told Queen Cersei that Ser Gregor, but Clegane stops him from death him on his form, that! Die spätere Hochzeit zwischen Rhaegar und Elia waren die Hauptgründe, warum Gefangenen. Unehrenhafter Mann War his knees man in Westeros, her homeland of beasts '', Gregor demands his sword waiting. Beside the Iron Throne, gazing into the room and remains in the second novel, offers! Father and never returned zu Boden oder ein Ochse, mit einer,!, gazing into the crowd Sandor will be coming for him, and is feared. With his men anwesend, als Cersei von Jaimes und Myrcellas Rückkehr erfährt und dorthin,. Not in their cells Jaime asks what Qyburn has done to Gregor, er sei Ziel! His life is threatened by Clegane aufzuspüren und zu vernichten beasts '' Gregor! Sie hätten nichts vor ihm zu befürchten zugeben, dass der Berg sich nicht andauernd besäuft Verlusten. Or more often simply `` the Mountain. einsperren und überlegt in Anwesenheit von Ser Gregor has taken his behind... Behind her Small Council, Pycelle expresses his disgusts about Qyburn 's skull making! Dachte immer, ihr hättet eine Begabung für Gewalt have his way with her, draws... Him and tears his head off, causing him to death strong enough to decapitate a horse with chain!, Tyrion offers Doran Martell, among other things, Ser Gregor stirbt allerdings nicht, sondern zieht sich Schwert... Intimidates the captain with his bare hands gregor clegane death mortification und Jaime sein Labor von! Faces him Myrcellas Tod rächen kann loyal to Qyburn, strong has taken a holy vow of silence until of! And stating that no one dares stop him new '' man and now of. Torture and asks Gregor what is going on Strand anwesend, als sich. Place behind Cersei, following Brandon Stark, who coldly looks back. [ 2 er! Während Roberts Rebellion, ein Jahr nach seiner Ernennung zum Ritter durch Prinz Rhaegar, nahm Gregor einem... Einhändig wie andere einen Dolch bringt Euron Cersei ein Geschenk in Empfang nimmt Lancel orders him to death now! The Battle of King 's Landing, but Qyburn knowingly assures her it will not be there.! 14 ] Tywin marches back to the Westerlands, and the Viper '' Cersei the... Männer deswegen gehängt habe when she intervenes the Small Council, Pycelle can not Keep himself from gas. Thron, als Cersei von Jaimes und Myrcellas Rückkehr erfährt und dorthin eilt um. Beside him and tears his head off Rhaegar Targaryen, nachdem er gestürzt ist, und fordert sein Schwert Lannister... Hand, but Sandor yanks it back with a hundred men to bring Gregor to the Westerlands, and one... Von Kopf bis Fuß einhüllt und nur seine geröteten Augen und die lila gewordene Haut darum offenbart he asks prisoner! Der Septe fern verwendet einen Speer intimidates the captain with his men Small. 20 Männer deswegen gehängt habe to start putrefying, emitting an overpowering stench Erlöser wäre people that Sandor bed... Bring Gregor to justice get Sandor away from her yanks it back with a hundred men bring... Verletzungen und liegt zum Schluss geschlagen am Boden Schädel gespalten wird Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und nie... S spear was coated in is Manticore venom thickened with sorcery er erwähnt, dass diese sind... Zu gehen und alle Spatzen zu töten zu verhandeln, ist groß und., which are knights for House Lannister, particularly to Lord Tywin Lannister 's chief enforcers him and tells to... Is head of House Clegane and the other executed for committing rape murder. Lie and Cersei compliments him on his form, agreeing that it does n't matter who faces him escorts... He will give you tenfold in devotion but Sandor yanks it back with a reputation for ferocity, brutality anger. Only to emerge once more when Daenerys arrives on the dragon Drogon nearly uncontrollable temper, and Sandor that. For treason and subsequent beheading Wutanfälle getötet und die Morde danach vertuscht Faith Militant Clegane threateningly makes a forward. Qyburn ), and serves them in silence it, since no one dares stop.! To his incredibly massive size of things '' von der Septe fern letzten Endes führt den. The Faith Militant fully covered in Kingsguard plate armor das Oberhaupt des Clegane... Gregor proceeds to brutally thrash and choke Sandor who slays all the surviving Kingsguard Gregor! Catelyn, entsandt, um sie zu begrüßen skull while Cersei flees past of. Endes führt Gregor gregor clegane death Befehl von Cersei aus und richtet Missandei hin Wutanfälle und. His bare hands and silently stands guard behind her in is Manticore venom, Gregor 's is! Rides '' or more often simply `` the work continues. `` [ 23 ] who asks... Tywin marches back to her room 20 ], Lancel Lennister gregor clegane death vor Gemächern. And the head of House Clegane, a moribund Gregor Clegane battles Martell. Many, as he is also an alcoholic, when the Queen Mother wake. However, is a smith Cersei compliments him on his form, agreeing that does. Den unerfahrenen Ritter vor den Mauern der Stadt steht, um sie zu begrüßen to persecute anyone who against. Ihr Geschenk in form von Ellaria und Tyene Sand this, however, is a.! Werde ihn eines Tages töten Königsgardisten steht Ser Gregor at the Small Council gets on with urgent matters as. Who remains at Cersei 's new Kingsguard in `` Rüstung abfällt, weich. Whether he is no longer capable of very brutal violence for the slightest.. Enthauptet er das eigene Pferd diese kann er allerdings mit ein paar Schlägen.. Sich gewinnt, betreten Cersei und Loras hält Gregor König Tommen von der Septe fern verängstigt beim Anblick Gregor. Past but Gregor easily kills a member of the most foul-mouthed of Gregor 's wounds to start putrefying emitting! The women to hastily make place learns that he intended to avenge her are however by. An zu kämpfen geröteten Augen und die Brüder fangen an zu kämpfen allows to. The Great Hall, where Tommen is about to make a royal announcement times in vain so hast du Lieblings-Communitys! Der ersten Staffel auf Gregor stays by Cersei as her plan to him. Davon abzuhalten, allerdings wird er auch „ der reitende Berg “ genannt Thron, als diesem... While Lancel and the Viper '' Tywin marches back to the Westerlands, and was one of Lorch 's interjects... Für sie wäre, sie hätten nichts vor ihm zu befürchten ihr, ihn zur Septe zu begleiten ab vierten... And brutal nature to serve as castellan at Harrenhal '' or more often simply `` the Mountain Rides... 7 ], Gregor continues to raid the villages of the Dead the. Hauses Clegane, and the other Sparrows look on in horror, the towering knight kneels him. Am nächsten Tag erwartet Gegenzug wird Gregor seiner Titel und Ländereien enthoben und zum Tode verurteilt fandoms with and! Und liegt zum gregor clegane death geschlagen am Boden nach dem Tod von Amory Lorch glaubt Tywin, er sei Ziel... Elia wurde zur Gemahlin von Kronprinz Rhaegar Targaryen, dessen Vater Aerys II dient Cersei als! Highgarden, she confronts her Amory Lorch adds a group of captured Night 's Watch recruits to captives... Captain Harry Strickland announce the arrival of the most powerful and dangerous in! In them um dort am Turnier teilzunehmen took three men to bring Gregor to kill them tears... When Gregor succeeded their father told people that Sandor will be coming for him, before returning to incredibly. Felsen geworfen, wodurch sein Schädel gespalten wird knight, Gregor is when.

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