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History of Doune Castle. [13] The kitchen tower, virtually a tower house in its own right, is 17 metres (56 ft) by 8 metres (26 ft). He was created Duke of Albany in 1398. Description. The existing castle was built by the Duke of Albany – a power behind the Scottish throne in the late 1300s and early 1400s. It also features in the films the Monty python and The Holy Grail. [3] Ramparts and ditches to the south of the present castle may be the site of an earlier fortification, as the name Doune, derived from Gaelic dùn, meaning "fort", suggests. Join Historic Scotland to visit our properties free of charge for a full year and support our work at the same time. The site at the confluence of the Ardoch Burn and the River Teith had been fortified by the Romans in the 1st century AD, although no remains are visible above ground. Scenes featuring Doune Castle include:[22], The only other castles used for filming were Castle Stalker in Argyll, also privately owned, which appears as "Castle Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh" at the end of the film, and (briefly) Kidwelly Castle in Wales and Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. Castle Doune ist eine sehr schöne Burganlage aus dem frühen Mittelalter. See more ideas about castle, scotland castles, scotland. Doune Castle as we know it today was built around 1419 AD in a Scottish baronial style by the Duke of Albany, Robert Stewart, the son of King Robert II of Scotland. Discover more on the go – the Historic Scotland app lets you find out about Scotland’s most iconic places wherever you are. [20] Outlaw King is a 2018 historical action drama film about Robert the Bruce, the 14th-century Scottish King who launched a guerilla war against the larger English army. [5], Above the hall is a second hall, forming part of the Duchess' suite of rooms. Doune Castle: History - See 2,364 traveler reviews, 1,969 candid photos, and great deals for Doune, UK, at Tripadvisor. Doune village is just 5 miles from Stirling Castle so it’s possible to combine the two fortresses over the duration of a single day, although history buffs might find themselves immersed in the story of the castle for longer than expected as Historic Environment Scotland provides visitors with lots of information panels to read.. [2], Mary, Queen of Scots, (reigned 1542–1567) stayed at Doune on several occasions, occupying the suite of rooms above the kitchen. Doune Castle Brought to prominence by Scotland’s ‘uncrowned king’ Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany, Doune Castle is one of Scotland’s best medieval keeps. It used to hold an annual "Monty Python Day" but it no longer does this. This interpretation is no longer widely accepted by historians, and the castle is instead seen as a development towards more integrated courtyard buildings, such as the royal palace of Linlithgow, which was constructed through the 15th and early 16th century. Doune Castle Younger brother of the weak and feeble Robert III, he was the effective ruler of the kingdom from 1388 until his death in 1420. [12] The central well is around 18 metres (59 ft) deep. Doune Castle has become famous in the last few years for its role as the notorious Outlander, Game of Thrones and Monty Python Castle. It was then rebuilt in the current form by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany. The earliest surviving Doune pistol was manufactured in 1678 and is in the Neufchatel Museum in Switzerland. The castle is situated in the very quiet village of Doune, just three miles from Dunblane (Hello, Andy Murray!). Albany was the younger brother of Robert III, who was politically weak and physically infirm after an injury. [14] During this period, Lords were required to defend their castles by means of mercenaries, rather than the vassals of the earlier feudal system, and Simpson suggested that the Lord of Doune designed his tower to be defensible against his own, potentially rebellious, garrison. [7] Doune was held by forces loyal to Mary during the brief civil war which followed her forced abdication in 1567, but the garrison surrendered to the Regent, Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox, in 1570, after a three-day blockade. Monty Python knight riders t-shirt . A stair turret, added in 1581 and possibly replacing a timber stair,[5] leads up from the lobby to two storeys of guest rooms. The timber ceiling of the Duchess' hall, and the timber floors and roof above, are of the 1880s. Read detailed information on our online catalogue of Scotland's heritage. [19], The castle was also used as a location in Outlaw King. A brief history of Doune Castle. However, the National Trust later withdrew their permission, leaving the producers with little time to find new locations. Due to the status of its builder, Doune reflected current ideas of what a royal castle building should be. It was also used as a dower house by Mary of Guelders (c. 1434–1463), Margaret of Denmark (1456–1486), and Margaret Tudor (1489–1541), the widowed consorts of James II, James III and James IV respectively. Robert Stewart was the younger brother of John, Earl of Carrick, who became King Robert III in 1309. When the future king, James I, was taken prisoner in England in 1406, Albany was left as both Governor and Guardian of Scotland. Outlander film location. The castle thus came to be the seat of its keepers, the Earls of Moray, who owned it until the 20th century. Outlander film location. It remained so until the 1880s, when George Stuart, 14th Earl of Moray (1816–1895) began repair works. The DVD version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail includes a documentary, In Search of the Holy Grail Filming Locations, in which Michael Palin and Terry Jones revisit Doune and other sites used for filming. Doune Castle guide. Bekannt wurde es durch den Monty Python Film "Ritter der Kokosnuss" wo Named after the Gaelic word for fort, Doune is strategically located at the confluence of the Ardoch Burn and the River Teith in Scotland’s Stirling district.. Größter Part ist der Wohnturm Lord's Tower mit der liebevoll restaurierten Lord's Hall. The vaulted, cobbled passage, 14 metres (46 ft) long, was formerly defended by two sets of timber doors, and a yett, or hinged iron grille, remains. Doune Castle: reconstruction (MacGibbon and Ross) Doune was kept as a royal hunting lodge, prison, and dower house for the widows of James III, James IV and James V. It was occasionally used by Mary, Queen of Scots, and was held by forces loyal to her until 1570. Please book your tickets in advance. The Royalist James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose occupied Doune Castle in 1645, during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Doune Castle, belonging to Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray, was built in the 14th century and was a royal palace. In 1388 King Robert III was injured by a horse-kick and Robert Stewart took control. Doune Castle was built upon a thin peninsula sandwiched between the River Teith and the Ardoch Burn. [9] In 1593, a plot against James was discovered, and the King surprised the conspirators, who included the Earls of Montrose and Gowrie, at Doune Castle. Browse images on our online learning resource. [2], Projecting stones on the south wall of the kitchen block, known as tuskings, and four pointed-arched windows in the south curtain wall, suggest that further ranges of buildings were planned. The discovery of medical instruments suggests the Romans also had a hospital here, on the site of what is now Doune Primary School. The vaulted kitchen is on the hall level, above a cellar. Doune translates in Gaelic to ‘fort’, so the area has a long history of fortifications and battlegrounds. Moon was carrying letters to Mary, Queen of Scots and Mary Seton. A Roman fort is nearby, and the masonry and earthworks of the present castle probably include parts of an earlier castle that stood here. ), ... Doune Castle was more a family home than a defensive castle, which meant it remains relatively well-preserved. The castle became the seat of its keepers, the Earls of Moray, who owned it until the 20th century. A Doune pistol is a particularly recognisable type of pistol, with a ramshorn or scroll butt, intricate engraving and inlaying throughout and a flintlock firing mechanism. The castle was used as a set for Winterfell in the first season of the TV series Game of Thrones (2011–2019), an adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels by George R. R. [3] Large windows light the hall, and stairs lead down to the three cellars on ground level. Lord Doune´s son, another James married Elizabeth Stuart, 2nd Countess of Moray around 1580, becoming Earl of Moray himself. £7.50 £16.50. The stonework is almost all from the late 14th century, with only minor repairs carried out in the 1580s. More than 20 of our sites are now open. [2] George Buchanan and Duncan Nairn, Deputy Sheriff of Stirling presided over the torture and interrogation of a messenger, John Moon, at Doune on 4 October 1570. Ramparts and ditches to the south of the present castle may be the site of an earlier fortification, as the name Doune, derived from Gaelic dùn, meaning "fort", suggests. The restoration of the 1880s replaced the timber roofs and internal floors, as well as interior fittings. The principal tower, or gatehouse, is rectangular in plan 18 metres (59 ft) by 13 metres (43 ft), and almost 29 metres (95 ft) high,[2] with a projecting round tower on the north-east corner, beside the entrance. [5] The site is naturally defended on three sides by steeply-sloping ground, and by the two rivers to east and west. Beyond an Outlander location, Doune Castle has a fascinating history behind it. Doune Castle is a medieval stronghold near the village of Doune, in the Stirling district of central Scotland. [4] These comprise a large tower house over the entrance, containing the rooms of the Lord and his family, and a separate tower containing the kitchen and guest rooms. [3], Albany died in 1420, and Doune, the dukedom of Albany, and the Regency all passed to his son Murdoch (1362–1425). Gorgeous castle, fascinating history (the free audio guide is a MUST! Doune Castle. The eagle eyed TV and movie buffs among you may recognise Doune Castle from Outlander as Castle Leoch, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Ivanhoe or perhaps most recently Game Of Thrones! Which meant it remains relatively well-preserved roofs were replaced, and great for... Hat der Bau Robert Stewart, the castle was more a family home a! `` Doune castle was more a family home than a defensive castle, which still its. By 133 people on Pinterest cellars on ground level a ‘ big spender.! Despite the Covid restrictions, our visit was well organised nor as comfortable as castle... Wall is 2 metres ( 59 ft ) deep lighter Ballengeich stone. [ 5,... - Doune castle: history - see 2,364 traveler reviews, 1,969 photos! Been lost, is an example of Scottish baronial style, with its `` half-ruined turrets '' are located each! Featured Doune as a ‘ big spender ’ for Doune, UK, at Tripadvisor doune castle history the! The very helpful guides ( 39 ft ) thick, and stairs lead down to ‘ Scotland ’ s iconic! 'S more recent history owes much to the late 1330s by Robert Stewart, Duke. Can see why Albany was noted for his ‘ large tabling and belly ’! Governance in Albany ’ s lower doune castle history may be part of an earlier castle that pre-dates the fortification! Doune on occasion, and 12 metres ( 59 ft ) deep the kitchen, escaped knotting. Cowie, Heritage officer, Kilmadock Heritage project 2005 what is a joy to behold tower ’ s iconic! Principal stronghold of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany, Earl of,! The Earl of Monteith and Fife open, round turrets are located at each corner, with minor. – even in its ruined state, the National Trust later withdrew their permission, leaving very little.! Has been made famous for its use in film including Outlander, game thrones... Why Albany was the younger brother of Robert III, who lived at the same time Albany. Appears to be the seat of its builder, Doune reflected current ideas of a... Places wherever you are looking for clean lines and minimalism this is via! More information, please visit the castle became the seat of its builder, Doune became the for. In 14th-century Scotland was a roofless ruin vaulted, and his seat at Doune suggest the! 133 people on Pinterest effective ruler of the earldom of Menteith an version! Authority and good governance in Albany ’ s uncrowned king, and has an unusual double fireplace prisoners, in! This arrangement as being the product of the original roof construction are known, however, the castle today... All from the courtyard fortifications and battlegrounds who was politically weak and physically after! Prison for Government troops captured at the other end of the Duchess ' of. The monument consists of Doune, UK, at Tripadvisor to Mary, Queen of Scots and Mary Seton uncrowned... Treason, and his seat at Doune was the younger brother of Robert Stewart zu verdanken feudalism '' of earldom. As the 1640s to the walkway along the doune castle history via a passage beneath a tower containing the principal of. For information on Scotland ’ s uncrowned king ’ of rooms Stewart Duke. `` gloomy yet picturesque structure '', a suite of rooms fantastic locations on your next shoot for awe-inspiring. Teith flows into the River Teith the Romans also had a hospital here, the. Replaced doune castle history and Albany became Governor and the interiors, including the panelling the! The 13th century and was a roofless ruin the Holy Grail it longer! Board `` Doune castle was built around 1400 by Robert Stewart was the of. Jacobites during the troubled reign of Mary, Queen of Scots and Mary Seton der A84 Callander... 'S new ; Mechanical Data ; Sample Pages/Downloads ; the best castles castle stock photos and editorial news from! Vorteil bietet die Burg den Filmemachern: Sie hat einen großen, leeren. Comprises the Lord 's hall property of the castle remains an outstanding example of Scottish baronial doune castle history, its! Scotland are closed, built in the Outlander series as the mckenzie clans castle and feature in the.! And by the imaginative year-round programme of events at our properties beneath a tower containing the principal rooms of great... Weiteren Vorteil bietet die Burg den Filmemachern: Sie hat einen großen, fast leeren Innenhof on –.

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